Immigration For Self-employed Persons To Canada

People who have the intention and the ability to start a self-employment business in Canada can reach Canada through the self-employment program under immigration rules of Canada.

This program is for those who have good experience in the field of self-employment. Also such people are expected to bring about a change and contribute towards the athletic and cultural life of the country. Also people who have relevant experience in farm management can also apply in this category but their intention should to buy and manage a farm in Canada.

As far as the "who can apply" question is concerned, any person with relevant experience in self-employment can apply. Also some farm management experience can help you here in fetching some more points. Individuals will also be assessed on the point-based criteria. This includes the experience, age, communication skills and education of the applicant.

The applicant and his family shall also pass the medical examination. Also they would be made to clear the criminal check. You must also satisfy the visa officer that you have enough finance to support yourself and your family in the new country. Proof of funds is to be submitted to the visa officer. These funds cannot be borrowed funds from some one. These should be your own funds in your home country. There is a list of funds required which vary with the size of the family to be supported out of those. So for a single person the funds needed are of an amount of 11,086 dollars and for a family of four members the amount to be shown is 20,599 Canadian dollars. This is for the reason that the Canadian government does not provide for any financial help to these people.

Also if you are carrying more than ten thousand Canadian dollars then you should inform the visa officer the airport. If you do not disclose this fact then you might find yourself in the prison. This money should be carried in the form of cash, negotiable instrument like cheques, traveler's cheques and money orders or other security documents in bearer form.

If you wish to stele in Quebec then you should contact the immigration office of Quebec, as the general laws of immigration do not apply in Quebec.

The list of qualifying activities for self-employed persons is vast and is very important. If you fall under any of these present in the list you are eligible to apply for immigration under this category. The broad categorization of these occupations is done in five groups. Then each group is further divided into sub-categories. The first major group is professional occupations in art and culture. Is has many sub-groups like librarians, performing artists and public relation professionals.

The next major group is for skilled and technical professionals. Sports professionals can also apply in this category. Photographers, announcers and other technicians fall in this group.

Lastly, fee to be submitted with the application should be calculated and all other formalities should be completed to get your application the process.